Brainerd Warriors Take Home Victory in State Sprint Relay

Brainerd’s Lance Hastings and Taite Knapp emerged victorious in the state sprint relay, securing a well-deserved win for their team. The duo, filled with determination from a year of reflection, put forth an admirable effort that paid off in the end. Collecting 159 team points, their impressive performance helped Brainerd finish fourth overall at the state competition.

The relay got off to a strong start as Hastings blazed through the first lap with a time of 2:55.1, handing Knapp a three-second lead. With the advantage in their hands, Knapp only widened the gap between Brainerd and their competitors. By the end of the second lap, they were comfortably in the lead with a time of 5:47.2. Orono/Delano, the second-fastest team in the race at the time, finished their second lap at 5:56.2.

Hastings continued to impress in the third lap, posting the fastest time of the event. Building on Brainerd’s lead, they now had a commanding time of 8:48.4 compared to Orono/Delano’s 9:00.3. This solidified their confidence in each other, as Hastings expressed his belief in Knapp’s skill as a sprinter and their mutual trust on the slopes.

In the final lap, Knapp brought it home for Brainerd with a time of 3:07.5, crossing the finish line with a sense of surreal accomplishment. With a display of energy and determination, they won by a significant margin of almost 10 seconds over the runners-up, Duluth East.

Their victory was not without preparation and self-assurance. Despite other teams having faster qualifying times, the Brainerd Warriors knew their potential and believed in their ability to push themselves to the limit. They left nothing on the table, putting their all into the race and reaping the rewards of their hard work.

In conclusion, Brainerd’s triumph in the state sprint relay is a testament to the dedication and teamwork of Lance Hastings and Taite Knapp. Their unwavering support for each other, combined with their exceptional skills on the slopes, propelled them to victory and secured a well-deserved spot in the annals of high school ski racing.

FAQ Section:

1. What is the state sprint relay?
The state sprint relay is a ski racing event at the high school level where teams compete against each other in a relay format. Each team member completes a lap, and the team with the fastest overall time wins the race.

2. Who won the state sprint relay?
Lance Hastings and Taite Knapp from Brainerd emerged as the winners of the state sprint relay. They put forth a remarkable effort and secured a well-deserved victory for their team.

3. How did Hastings and Knapp perform in the relay?
Hastings started off the race strongly, completing the first lap in 2:55.1 and giving Knapp a three-second lead. Knapp further widened the gap between Brainerd and their competitors during the second lap. Hastings continued to impress in the third lap, posting the fastest time of the event. Knapp brought it home in the final lap with a time of 3:07.5.

4. What was Brainerd’s overall position in the competition?
Brainerd finished fourth overall at the state competition. Their impressive performance in the state sprint relay contributed to them collecting 159 team points.


– State sprint relay: een skiwedstrijd op middelbare schoolniveau waarbij teams in estafettevorm tegen elkaar strijden. Elk teamlid legt een ronde af en het team met de snelste totaaltijd wint de race.
– Lap: een rondje dat een deelnemer aflegt tijdens een estafettewedstrijd.
– Lead: voorsprong op andere teams in de race.
– Qualifying times: de tijden die teams hebben behaald tijdens de selectiewedstrijden om zich te kwalificeren voor het evenement.
– Warriors: de naam van het team uit Brainerd.

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