Extreme Skiing on Mount Washington: Caite Zeliff’s Journey

Mount Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine has long been known as a challenging training ground for skiers. With slopes ranging from 40 to 55 degrees, it is not for the faint of heart. For Caite Zeliff, this was the perfect place to push her limits, propelling her to even greater heights and ultimately catching the attention of renowned filmmaker, Warren Miller.

Recently, Zeliff, now 29 and a resident of Girdwood, Alaska, returned to her hometown of Conway to deliver the keynote speech at the Mt. Washington Backcountry Ski Festival. Her journey from Tuckerman Ravine to being featured in Miller’s films is nothing short of remarkable.

Zeliff’s passion for skiing began at a young age, but it was in the challenging terrain of Tuckerman Ravine where she truly honed her skills. The steep slopes demanded precision, control, and unwavering determination. As she conquered each descent, Zeliff’s confidence grew, and so did her appetite for more.

Venturing to Alaska, known for its extreme and unforgiving terrain, Zeliff found her ultimate playground. She tackled mountains with sheer vertical drops, pushing herself to new limits and defying gravity with each turn. Her dedication and skill caught the attention of Warren Miller, a legendary figure in the ski industry.

Miller recognized Zeliff’s talent and included her in his films, showcasing her fearless descents and breathtaking style. Through his lens, he captured Zeliff’s ability to navigate treacherous slopes with grace and ease, inspiring skiers around the world.

Now, as Zeliff returns to her roots in New Hampshire, she shares her story of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of pushing boundaries. Her journey from Mount Washington to the epic peaks of Alaska serves as a reminder to all aspiring athletes that with determination and the willingness to take risks, anything is possible.

While Caite Zeliff’s achievements are extraordinary, her story also illustrates the power of embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles. As she stands before the audience at the Mt. Washington Backcountry Ski Festival, she embodies the spirit of adventure and the boundless potential that lies within us all.


1. What is Tuckerman Ravine?
Tuckerman Ravine is a challenging ski area on Mount Washington known for its steep slopes ranging from 40 to 55 degrees.

2. Who is Caite Zeliff?
Caite Zeliff is a skier who honed her skills in Tuckerman Ravine and went on to be featured in renowned filmmaker Warren Miller’s films.

3. Where is Caite Zeliff from?
Caite Zeliff is from Conway, New Hampshire.

4. Where did Caite Zeliff venture to find her ultimate playground?
Caite Zeliff ventured to Alaska, known for its extreme and unforgiving terrain, to find her ultimate playground for skiing.

5. Who is Warren Miller?
Warren Miller is a legendary figure in the ski industry and a renowned filmmaker who recognized Caite Zeliff’s talent and included her in his films.

Key Terms:

1. Tuckerman Ravine: Een uitdagend skigebied op Mount Washington, bekend om zijn steile hellingen van 40 tot 55 graden.

2. Caite Zeliff: Een skiër die haar vaardigheden heeft ontwikkeld in Tuckerman Ravine en te zien was in de films van filmmaker Warren Miller.

3. Conway: Een plaats in New Hampshire, waar Caite Zeliff vandaan komt.

4. Alaska: Een staat in de Verenigde Staten, bekend om zijn extreme en onbegaanbare terrein.

5. Warren Miller: Een legendarische figuur in de ski-industrie en een bekende filmmaker die Caite Zeliff’s talent erkende en haar in zijn films opnam.

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