Kids Experience the Thrill of Skiing at Spirit Mountain

Fifth graders at Lake Superior and Four Corners elementary schools recently had an unforgettable experience: a day of skiing at Spirit Mountain. For many of them, it was their first time on the slopes, so anticipation and excitement filled the air. But before they could hit the slopes, they had to learn the important rules and safety precautions.

The instructors emphasized the significance of not fooling around on the ski lift, as it could lead to dangerous falls. Following the safety briefing, the students received the necessary equipment – skis, ski boots, and helmets. Any students who had trouble with the ski boots received assistance from adults.

Once everyone was properly equipped, the students gathered in a circle where the staff provided a crash course on skiing basics. They learned how to put on their skis, control their speed, and stop effectively. To help them get familiar with their skis, the trainers had them walk in a circle, lifting one ski at a time and then both together.

Outside, the students discovered the three snow hills available for skiing. They started with the beginner’s hill, then progressed to the bunny hill, and finally, there was the big hill. However, to tackle the big hill, the students had to pass a test, maneuvering around blue sticks. The bunny hill required them to use an escalator, and the ski lift took them up to the top of the big hill.

After an exhilarating day of skiing, the students took off their ski boots but complained about their sore feet from the tight boots. They stored their skis on a rack and made sure to remember their assigned numbers for identification. After lunch, they eagerly put their skis back on and headed out for more adventure on the slopes. Since they had already received training, they were exempt from repeating the instructions.

The overall feedback from the kids was overwhelmingly positive. While not everyone fell in love with skiing, the majority had a fantastic time. Many expressed a desire to visit Spirit Mountain again in the future. Furthermore, the Lake Superior students were eager to plan another field trip with their friends from Four Corners.

In conclusion, the day spent skiing at Spirit Mountain was an incredible experience for the fifth graders. It not only introduced them to a thrilling sport but also taught them valuable lessons about safety and teamwork. Skiing truly offers an enjoyable and adrenaline-filled adventure that everyone should try!


Wat was de recente ervaring van de vijfdeklassers bij Lake Superior en Four Corners basisscholen?
– De vijfdeklassers hadden een dag skiën bij Spirit Mountain.

Wat kregen de studenten voordat ze de hellingen opgingen?
– De studenten ontvingen de benodigde uitrusting: ski’s, skischoenen en helmen.

Wat werd benadrukt door de instructeurs in termen van veiligheid?
– De instructeurs benadrukten het belang van niet gek doen op de skilift, omdat dit tot gevaarlijke vallen kan leiden.

Wat hebben de studenten geleerd tijdens de instructiesessie?
– Ze leerden hoe ze hun ski’s moesten aantrekken, hun snelheid onder controle konden houden en effectief konden stoppen.

Wat waren de drie skipistes waar de studenten op konden skiën?
– Beginner’s helling, bunny helling en grote helling.

Welke test moesten de studenten doorstaan om de grote helling aan te kunnen?
– Ze moesten om blauwe stokken heen manoeuvreren.

Wat deden de studenten na het skiën?
– Ze deden hun skischoenen uit, bewaarden hun ski’s op een rek en gingen na de lunch weer skiën.

Wat was de algemene feedback van de kinderen?
– De meeste kinderen hadden een fantastische tijd en wilden graag in de toekomst weer naar Spirit Mountain gaan.

Belangrijke termen/jargon:

– Ski lift: skilift
– Ski boots: skischoenen
– Helmets: helmen
– Bunny hill: beginnershelling
– Big hill: grote helling
– Crash course: spoedcursus
– Escalator: roltrap

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